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Paper cut - taking away the pain

Focus on your business not paper work

Hwo do ouy sovle a prbolem  thta ouy can’t define ?

Do you experience any of the following in your business

Many small business owners accept that taking time out to ‘do the books’ is part and parcel of running a business. others persuade a family member or friend to help out.

They don’t accept the hidden cost of this approach

  • The value of work lost because you are busy doing bookkeeping or the additional hours of work needed to make up for this lost time.

  • The impact on your family or ‘me’ time by doing bookkeeping in the evening or at weekends

  • Money lost through mistakes

  • Penalties and aggravation if things are not done on time.

  • Desire to grow but unsure how to move forward

  • Stretched cash flow

  • Fear of change

  • Unsure who to turn to for advice

  • Working too many hours without seeming to make any more money

Some of these are symptoms...the problem lies deeper and can be resolved  by gaining a better understanding of your business so that you can be more confident about decisions affecting your future.

New technology has provided an opportunity for business owners to relive this pain for a low fixed monthly fee and get some additional benefits for free.

More than just accounts and taxes - the flexible finance manager
How does it work ?

Research shows that very few small businesses have a good grasp of critical areas such as product costs or pricing strategy .


They are good at  their business activity but lack financial skills...we can’t be good at everything !

However all businesses need good financial management to succeed and grow.

Employing a full time experienced financial manager is just too expensive and your existing accountant may not have the resources or expertise to help you.

Solution...the flexible Finance manager
  • I take over all the bookkeeping, payroll, VAT and year end tax returns.

  • Sales invoicing normally stays with the business but you will get full unlimited training on how to use the system.

  • You will have far greater understanding of your business performance 

  • There is a scaled solution for every business 

One stop shop


For a fixed monthly fee You get:


  • All your tax & VAT returns reviewed and filed 

  • Tax savings identified


  • Have piece of mind that the work is being done by a professional. I have 30 years experience as a senior accountant .

  • Improve your cashflow

  • Keep on top of your business performance with regular meetings.

  • More free time for yourself and family – or use the time to increase your profits.

Combine your book keeping, payroll and tax obligations into one seamless package with one fixed monthly payment.

Call now...all your book keeping payroll and tax in one place for a fixed monthly fee.

One of the services I offer is to work with and support you inside your business providing the financial insight and expertise that you need but in a flexible way that is affordable and fits in with your plans for the future.

A few success stories

A £100k owner managed company outsourced their book keeping  to accountancy value releasing more time for the owner to work in the business. Profitability improved by a net £20k


After reviewing the pricing strategy in a £10m company operating in a very tight profit margin business I was able to help them improve their gross profit margin by over 3%

A £400k manufacturing company is growing strongly after I helped them improve their cashflow and understanding of the business.

It's for's accessible and affordable

All businesses no matter how small can benefit from  the application of financial management tools.

Whether its help with a specific project or area or ongoing support we can sit down and work out a package that suits you and adds value to your business.

Call now....the first consultation is absolutely free so you have nothing to lose !


Mike Keoghan ACMA

47 Manston Road



Mobile: 07910736074


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